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Improve Your Auto Trading

We specialize in systems development and services for traders

We're Industry Experts

My name is Oldrich and I´ve started trading more than 20 years ago, in 1997. With Robert, we are serving clients globally from 2015.

Our mission is not to be just another systems developers and providers. We offer a wide range of personalized services – free technical support, remote setup, individual portfolios of systems, trading executions, VPS acquisitions, trading management and much more.

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Our trading systems are well known worldwide, although most traded in the USA. All systems are fully automated, they are designed as “plug & trade” – after setup with no need for further human intervention.

We trade all our systems with our own money. We live and support our families and hobbies from our trading.

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Since 2015 Oldrich Was Amongst the Top Developers of the TradeStation App Store

after Sept. 2022 sending our systems directly to traders as the TS App Store was discontinued

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