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We are a flexible small team ready to prepare for you individual solutions from trading to technicals, monitoring, executions, position sizing, mentoring.

I do understand your needs and feelings, I´ve been on the other side of the table too and I am trading all Petronel Systems with my own money.

Oldrich Karas

How It Works - TradeStation
Select the right system for you

When you have found the Petronel System you want to trade or take the free trial, you have several options on how to process it.

TradeStation AppStore. Use the direct link (button) to the TradeStation AppStore, located on each site of Petronelsystems. You can select the free trial or subscription and download the system into your TS platform.

TradeStation Exclusive Access Store. This is TS AppStore for professionals, we have all our systems available here as well. The difference is, you are subscribing via PayPal or Credit Card – the subscription button is located on each site of Petronelsystems.

This option is mostly used for individual pricing when multiple systems traded and for portfolios of systems. In this case, you will receive the link to the system(s) via an email from TradeStation and you will download it/them into your TS platform.

Setup the system (or let us handle it remotely)

You have the system downloaded in your TradeStation platform. THE SYSTEM CANNOT BE TRADED WITHOUT THE PROPER SETUP. Some system properties cannot be encoded (otherwise we would do that), they have to be set up directly by each trader in his/her TS platform.

The setup takes a few minutes only, but it has to be realized properly with a focus on all details.  A downloaded system without platform setup doesn´t execute the proper trades.

Setup by yourself. For the system setup, use the video tutorial located on each system site of Petronelsystems. If the video tutorial is not available on the site, I will send you the setup instructions via email within a few hours after receiving the TS notice of the new subscription/trial. Keep in mind, please, I am mostly in Madrid time zone with the bedtime a few hours after the markets close.

Free remote setup from us. If you prefer this option, we will set up the system(s) remotely in your computer. You will need the TeamViewer 11 (yes, version 11 works ONLY for us, not any higher). Also, AnyDesk can be used for the remote setup.

We will agree on the time for the setup via email ( When you are ready you´ll send me the TeamViewer or AnyDesk ID and password and my colleague Robert will set the system up in your computer remotely within a few minutes. Mostly we arrange the setups before the markets open.

Compare your platform output with our website report

You have finished the setup. Now compare your platform output with our website (updated monthly).

Compare your Performance Report/monthly from your TradeStation platform with the Monthly Performance of the particular system Performance Report site. Six months back to compare should be enough, monthly performance should match exactly.

Each Petronel System has its own dedicated performance website accessible:

When your monthly performance matching with the monthly performance on our website, your system is set correctly and it is ready to trade. If not matching, you should re-check and/or repair the setup or ask us for the free remote setup.


Start trading the system (on SIM or Live account)

You have downloaded, set-up and controlled your trading system in your TradeStation platform. You are ready to start trading the system on SIM or Live account.

I recommend using the free trial period for observing how the system executes real trades on the SIM account.

Before start live trading, make sure:

  • Your account is capitalized enough. You should count not only with profits but also with inevitable losses. The loss of $500 looks different on $10,000 or $4,000 account. Trader´s psychology is maybe the weakest point also in automated trading.
  • You are able to check your platform EVERYDAY twice at least. Our systems are fully automated. They can run autonomously for years if the technology allows. But the technology can fail from different reasons – power, data or internet shortage. Computer, operating system or platform issues and updates, forgotten symbol rollover to name a few. First, you have to check all is working fine before markets open. And make sure no positions are left open after the market (or traded Time Template) closes. 
  • You have the trading plan. Based on your trading objectives, system parameters, account balance and personal mentality you should prepare your trading plan for all scenarios BEFORE you start the live trading. Successful traders stick with the trading plan avoiding to take emotional decisions.

If you are not 100% sure what to do, write me an email, please.

I´ll try to help you understand this business and help you to prepare the best fitting arrangement for you.

Happy trading.

Oldrich Karas

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