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We are a flexible small team ready to prepare for you individual solutions from trading to technicals, monitoring, executions, position sizing, mentoring.

I do understand your needs and feelings, I´ve been on the other side of the table too and I am trading all Petronel Systems with my own money.

Oldrich Karas

How It Works

We are working with selected brokers as we prefer to control the total number of contracts traded by our systems.

We keep the number of traded contracts reasonable not to erase the trading edge and low filling slippage for our clients and for ourselves too.

TradeStation and Striker (with his cooperating brokers) are the main broker houses we are working with.


If TradeStation is your broker, you will just need to download the trading system and setup it correctly in your TS platform.

You can handle it yourself within a few minutes. If you prefer we will set it up remotely in your computer for free.

Detailed page with instructions – click the button

Striker and cooperating brokers

If your broker is Striker or one of the brokers listed below, you just select the trading system and ask in an e-mail to Mr. Lembak, Striker´s Account Executive, to trade it for you. And you are done. Striker will setup everything, also they will handle the daily executions.

Striker also executes our systems at the following clearing firms:

Dorman, AMP, Straits, RJO, RCG, Wedbush, High Ridge, ADM, Phillip Capital, FC Stone, Iron Beam, Gain Capital, TradeStation, and Interactive Brokers.

None of the Above Listed Brokers

If you don´t have the account with any of above-listed brokers yet and still you want to join the club with hundreds of Petronel Systems traders, send me an email, please.

I will help you to find the best fitting broker for you. Also, I´ll try to get some benefits for you and speed up the whole process with account opening.

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