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We are a flexible small team ready to prepare for you individual solutions from trading to technicals, monitoring, executions, position sizing, mentoring.

I do understand your needs and feelings, I´ve been on the other side of the table too and I am trading all Petronel Systems with my own money.

Oldrich Karas

Oldrich Live On TradeStation, Fenix CL Presentation

Oldrich Live on TradeStation, Fenix CL Presentation

Dear friends,

I am proud that TradeStation is my host today!

I will have the live presentation of FENIX CL, fully automated crude oil trader. 

Fenix CL is still in its original setting as I have developed in 2011, no parameter of the strategy has changed for 8+ years!

The system is making a profit every year and almost every month. No doubt this is an extremely robust system successfully adapted to the ever-changing crude oil market. FENIX CL is making the new equity highs year by year, again and again.

Come to see the presentation online, please. I will be talking about the system in details, it is a great chance to reveal this winning system from different angles. Also, there will be a live panel of Q&A, so you can ask me anything and see the answers to others too.

Here is the link to the presentation recorded:

Click here for the registration:

Tradestation webinar Oldrich Karas

Looking forward to see you at the presentation today.

Oldrich Karas. June 26th., 2019

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