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We are a flexible small team ready to prepare for you individual solutions from trading to technicals, monitoring, executions, position sizing, mentoring.

I do understand your needs and feelings, I´ve been on the other side of the table too and I am trading all Petronel Systems with my own money.

Oldrich Karas


Serving traders since 2015.  We treasure your satisfaction and long-term cooperation.


Systems Remote Set-Up

Systems Remote Set-Up

  • free consulting before the trading system selection
  • system set-up assistance and at the distance, final re-check and approval
  • remote systems set-up in the client´s computer, using TeamViewer 11 (version 11 only)
  • periodical system updates set-up checking, for smooth performance
  • individual platform and/or computer issues solving
VPS Executions

VPS Executions

  • fully managed VPS executions for minimized trade slippage
  • platform faults handling by a professional person
  • the best pricing in the industry for the full executions management (as low as $1/system/trading day = $20/month)
  • VPS set-up, help and mentoring
  • manual rollover of traded symbols
  • VPS, platform and operation system updates
Individual Portfolios

Individual Portfolios

  • the solution for serious traders and investors
  • custom-made portfolios from different systems based on individual objectives and preferences
  • preliminary portfolios analysis for the in-depth study
  • scaling up/down of portfolios upon agreement
  • favorable portfolio pricing (discounted against solo systems subscriptions)
  • portfolios updates reflecting market changes
Startup VPS Execution Professional Hands-free Package ? From $155,- Monthly ?

Startup VPS execution professional hands-free package ? from $155,- monthly ?

  • VPS + 1x automated system + full execution management
  • VPS acquisition, rental, installation of the TradeStation platform and the trading system
  • 1 x system lease
  • daily execution management online supervised by a professional trader, with possible manual intervention when needed
  • regular updates of the operating system, platform, and trading system
  • regular symbol rollover on the first due date
  • daily check and control before and after the trading session
Position Sizing

Position Sizing

  • specific algorithm over the automated systems managing the number of positions
  • position sizing can improve the trading results dramatically, maximizes the profits and scales-down losses
  • we are preparing individual custom-made position sizing models to chose from
  • execution management – daily supervising and daily re-positioning (if needed) of the client´s portfolio of systems
Individual Solutions

Individual Solutions

  • flexible to find your best fitting payment method (PayPal, credit card, trading account deduction, wire)
  • fixed subscription or realized net profit based subscriptions, monthly backward
  • individual reporting
  • rollover dates reminders
  • opened positions notifications
  • individual mentoring
  • online help – we are usually around and ready to help or assist you in any case
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